Solar Panel Cleaning

We deliver fully integrated nationwide solar panel cleaning services for commercial ground mounted solar parks. From small scale developments to those over 5MW in multi site or hard to reach locations we manage specialist maintenance services for clients based within the UK and across Europe.

Solar PV panels require regular cleaning not only in order to maintain manufacturers warranties but in order to facilitate maximum efficiency with the removal of dust and dirt that reduces the capacity to harvest light. 

Why clean solar PV panels?

  • Dust, dirt, debris and bird mess reduces output
  • Rain does not clean solar panels to facilitate optimum performance
  • Maintain efficiency and financial returns
  • To maintain manufacturers warranty
  • Maximise the government feed-in-tarrif (FIT)

We use specialist equipment to access even the most remote sites and use pure water technology to clean solar park PV panels efficiently.  Using long reach brush technology we clean solar panels to remove dust and dirt in order for them to generate return on investment.

Increase output and financial return

A maintenance programme is essential in order for Solar PV systems to work at their optimum efficiency and deliver the maximum financial returns.  Unfortunately, in our experience the provision and delivery of planned site maintenance is often overlooked.  We can advise you on the best method for site maintenance and deliver a planned annual maintenance programme that will reduce your costs and increase financial output. We also provide consultancy services during the planning and construction process for the installation of solar parks and advise on efficient solar park maintenance. 

We recommend that solar panel cleaning is carried out in parallel with grounds maintenance services in order to provide a total solar park maintenance solution. 

To arrange a site survey and quotation or to discuss your solar park and solar panel cleaning requirements in more detail please call 0844 836 1836.

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